S–Cain Cream 30g
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S –Cain Cream 30g

S-Cain Cream is a local anesthetic used prior to surgery to minimize pain during an injection procedure. Vasoconstriction and pore narrowing, which occur as a result of the human body's reaction to pain, prevent a needle or Cannula from penetrating the skin during injection and almost certainly cause skin damage (bleeding, edema, and irritation). Due to the high lidocaine concentration, using the cream enables avoiding the negative effects of injections. No reactions or burning sensations on the skin are brought on by the product. On the global market for local anesthetics, S-Cain Cream offers one of the greatest numbing effects.

Lidocaine 10.56%

Strengths of S-Cain Cream 30g:
The product contains high lidocaine concentration that’s why it guarantees the numbing effect

Scope of S-Cain Cream 30g:
Local anesthesia before injection
To relieve pain in sensitive areas of the skin

Put a substantial amount of this product on the area to be treated.
To aid in the skin's absorption of lidocaine, wrap plastic wrap over the region where it has been administered.
After 25-35 minutes, remove the plastic wrap, wipe the cream with a cloth, and then wash with water.

1 × 30 g per pack

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