Customs Policy

Customs Obligations

Charges and Duties at Customs

Charges encompassing customs duties, import fees, value-added taxes, and related considerations lie within the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The customer holds accountability for all expenses linked to customs procedures, covering customs levies, service charges, administrative costs, and warehousing expenses.

To circumvent potential complications, customers are advised to directly engage their local customs authority for precise insights, given that customs intricacies fluctuate contingent on the specific country.

Modernization of Cross-Border VAT E-Commerce in European Union Member States

We wish to communicate that commencing from the 1st of July, 2021, a customs levy will be implemented on online acquisitions from international market platforms. Consequently, your acquisitions from Celmade might fall under the new VAT taxation framework, potentially necessitating the settlement of taxes depending on your geographic location.

Items of Risky Nature

Concerning products of a hazardous nature, distinct protocols are observed by each nation. It is advisable for customers to directly liaise with their local customs information bureau to ascertain whether the intended purchases are categorized as hazardous. Celmade Korea holds no obligation in the provision of such guidance.

Declined Customs Situations

Packages turned down by customs for any cause, such as unpaid taxes, importation of prohibited items, or other customs-related predicaments, are beyond our liability. We are not compelled to re-dispatch packages that are rejected and sent back to Celmade Korea. However, clients are informed when a delivery attempt has been made, and upon resubmission of shipping payment, Celmade Korea will facilitate the reshipment. It should be noted that Celmade Korea cannot be held responsible for reimbursements or substitutions stemming from challenges linked to customs procedures.